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Four years ago, the Museum was thinking about how it could create an event that was relevant to our mission and collections and would also offer people a chance to support us in a relatively painless and enjoyable way (with fun being the sugar-coating on the fundraising pill). We knew what we didn’t want–we didn’t want another one of those events that you go to because you have to, and as soon as you know you’ve been seen, and before you’ve even finished your rubber chicken and long before the frozen cheescake with glutinous cherries on top arrives, you’re heading out the door to do something really important, like watching re-runs of Friends.

So if we weren’t going to do that, what were we going to do? One way to throw a party that’s relevant to a historical organization is to find a historical party, and that’s just what we went searching for. We didn’t have to look to far, because one of the biggest social events in 18th century Canada was right in front of us, almost. Enter the Beaver Club Gala, and the famous slightly off-the-wall CCM esprit de corps, and also a wild boar’s head with an apple in its mouth.

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I’m not a shopper, so I love it when I can find a gift idea that is both unique and easy (especially for that person who has everything or is hard to buy for). If the gift is also environmentally friendly – Bonus!

Meet Dr. Peter Fritz

Recently I heard the story of a perfect gift received by Dr. Peter Fritz. Dr. Fritz is a certified specialist in Periodontics and is in full-time private practice in Fonthill, Ontario. One look at his practice waiting room or website and you’ll see that Dr. Fritz has a passion for canoeing and is an avid paddler.

The reception area features a 16 foot cedar strip canoe suspended from the 12 foot ceiling and a canoe coffee table.

A stained glass window depicting the office logo: a canoeist gliding along a calm lake, welcomes patients.

Given his paddling passion, a friend of Dr. Fritz’s, Dr. Ralph West, found the perfect gift for Dr. Fritz – Adopt a Canoe.

Adopt a what? Adopt-a-canoe. It’s this cool program offered by The Canadian Canoe Museum. For just $15/month you can adopt one of the canoes in the Museum’s collection in honour of a friend or loved one (or yourself).

The adopter then has their name displayed with their canoe for all Museum visitors to see both in the Museum’s gallery and online. Plus, they receive a certificate of adoption and a one year membership to the Museum.

So what was Dr. Fritz’s response to this unique and cool gift idea: “I was delighted to have a canoe adopted in my name by a dear friend.  The adoption certificate is proudly displayed in my waiting room.  The canoeing theme resonates with my patients and helps us break the ice through this common connection.”

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Now that’s something I would love to hear from someone I had given a gift to!

To find out more on this fun and unique gift idea click here. Or find out more about The Canadian Canoe Museum and Dr. Peter Fritz.

Just a little information on some delicious additions to the  Canadian Canoe Museums gift store – Forbes Wild Foods. As I have personally tried almost every one of these unusual little gems, I am driven to whet your appetites with my opinions.

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