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People make The Canadian Canoe Museum come alive – literally. Without the invaluable support of members, volunteers, and donors, the Museum would not exist. Did you know we doubled our membership in 2012? But with more than 700 Museum members and over 100 volunteers, who are these individual people and businesses that support the Museum? Where do they come from?Globe

It may surprise you (or not) to know that this great Canadian Museum has members from all over the world. Did you know that we have members in Singapore? Or that we have members in Germany and England? What about our members in Belgium or the USA? Individuals around the world have joined numerous Canadians in showing their support for the Museum, by becoming Museum Members, and demonstrating their support year after year, for preserving and celebrating the irreplaceable history, culture, character, and spirit of paddled watercraft. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s this way!

Our guest book notes individuals from Canada, the United States, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany,Spain, Peru, Mexico, New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Dubai and other locations.  Comments have included “inspiring”, “an amazing experience” and “well-worth a return visit”.

Our Education Department receives numerous accolades for their presentations and programs.  From thank you cards to personalized drawings, students and teachers have extended their appreciation.

We also appreciate those who have expressed their interest in the Museum through other media.  We would encourage our visitors to share their experience at their favourite travel site.  Haven’t visited us yet?  Read what other visitors have had to say here:

Whether you are a first time, repeat or future visitor, we thank you!