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It’s a snow day. Personally, that means my daughter made her first snow angel of the year on our walk to school, and that I finally made an appointment to get my winter tires on.  Here in the Education Department that means early morning surveillance of the school bus website, cell phone communications with today’s visiting teachers, and wake up calls to program staff to say, stay in bed — or go play in the snow — Albert College has to postpone their trip. And now the Galleries seem strangely empty and quiet with mere adults (!) exploring our exhibits: oh, I know they’re into it, but they don’t tend forget to use their “walking feet” and “indoor voices” quite as often as kids who are engaged in the scavenger hunts, discovery activities and games included in our school programs here.


Yesterday’s kids from Queen Elizabeth PS, really into it:

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One of our most popular Artisan Workshops is our ‘Woodland Pack Basket Workshop.’  Doesn’t this look neat:

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Some of you may already know about our fabulous line-up of Artisan Workshops that we run here at the CCM.  What you may not know is that we have a line of Artisan Kits sold exclusively in our Gift Store (that is a bit of a lie, the Textile Museum in Toronto sells some of our weaving-themed kits).  We’ve recently spent some time giving our line of  ‘Artisan Products’ a bit of a face-lift and I wanted to share the new look, and some of our newest kits with you.

I have to start with my favourite new kit, which is geared towards young paddlers – the Paint Your Own Canoe Kit:

Finished example of a Paint Your Own Canoe Kit

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Saturday April 28th was our spring Woodland Pack Basket Workshop here at the CCM.  It was a great, hard working group and they all ended up leaving with a beautiful basket that is fitted with a harness so it can be worn like a backpack.  Here’s a peek of the finished product:

Two participants with their finished baskets.

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