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One of our most popular Artisan Workshops is our ‘Woodland Pack Basket Workshop.’  Doesn’t this look neat:

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Some of you may already know about our fabulous line-up of Artisan Workshops that we run here at the CCM.  What you may not know is that we have a line of Artisan Kits sold exclusively in our Gift Store (that is a bit of a lie, the Textile Museum in Toronto sells some of our weaving-themed kits).  We’ve recently spent some time giving our line of  ‘Artisan Products’ a bit of a face-lift and I wanted to share the new look, and some of our newest kits with you.

I have to start with my favourite new kit, which is geared towards young paddlers – the Paint Your Own Canoe Kit:

Finished example of a Paint Your Own Canoe Kit

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Saturday April 28th was our spring Woodland Pack Basket Workshop here at the CCM.  It was a great, hard working group and they all ended up leaving with a beautiful basket that is fitted with a harness so it can be worn like a backpack.  Here’s a peek of the finished product:

Two participants with their finished baskets.

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