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I’ve been Education Coordinator here at the Museum since January. For four years before that, I was one of the team of animators that led our programs for school and Scouting/Guiding groups.  What I’m saying is: I live and breathe our Education Programs, which may be why it’s taken me a while in this new role to realize that,  by gum, there are people in this world who do not know what we do! Even Canoe Museum-lovers are occasionally oblivious,  as are, truth be told, some of our very own marvellous volunteers, who see the kids come and go, but who are too busy in the galleries, workshops and Museum Store and generally keeping this place a-buzz to be figuring out why all those kids are carrying a kayak or tying on ceinture flechees.

So, for any and all curious parties, and without undue evangelical fervour, here’s Part One of a series of blog posts that get up-close-and-personal with the Canoe Museum’s Education Programs.

First up: The Perfect Machine, partly because it’s one of my favourites for the way it nails Grade 2/3 curriculum while being extremely fun, and partly because we just had a group visit from Prince of Wales for this program and I have a few super-cute photos.

Just to backtrack for a moment: all of our programs are developed by educators to be hands-on, experiential, curriculum-linked, small-group-focused, and FUN! If you’re feeling thorough, please visit here for more about experiential education. For the rest of us, how about a visual:

So, what are the kids up to?

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