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Summer – something many of us in Canada look forward to all year long and I’m no exception.JS NCD 2012 03 - 650 pixels I always love that first warm and sunny day of the season when people instantly seem to be in a better mood because of the nicer weather. For many of us, summer means vacations or weekend getaways.

packed-carPacking up the car or truck – trying to find the right combination of ‘Tetris’ pieces so that everything actually does fit into the vehicle (or on top). Hitting the road for camping or cottage weekend adventures, or to experience a never visited or much loved attraction or summer festival. I’ve noticed that during the summer months, it’s hard to drive on a highway without seeing a vehicle with a canoe or kayak strapped on top (sometimes both) or find a lake without a seeing a canoe or kayak gliding through the water. Read the rest of this entry »

The Canadian Penny was taken out of circulation on Monday, February 4th which has resulted in many businesses implementing the “rounding” of transactions.  The Canadian Canoe Museum’s Gift Store is in the process of installing a new Point of Sale system that will feature tax-included pricing with the “rounding” feature configured within the system.  So the price you see is the price you’ll pay!

Picture 004The deciding factors for this new concept included the demise of the penny, but also to assist the “young” consumer.  The forlorn look on the face of a young child when they find out they don’t have enough money to pay for an item because of tax also prompted the change.  We will also be altering our Member Discount program to a “Member Pricing” format instead.  There will be a few exceptions to the evenly rounded price though – customers entitled to an exemption of the Provincial portion of HST and certain percentage discounts will still have to be “manually” rounded for the lack of the penny.  We are confident that this new system will be beneficial to you our Museum’s visitors and perhaps we will start a trend for businesses!  And for those of you that would like a keepsake, the “Canoe Penny Scratcher” is still available in the Gift Store.