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Canoeing is an enthralling action which has been passed down to us from ancestors before. Even if your nationality does not originate from Canada many cultures have used the vessel or similar forms throughout history for travel and leisure. Personally, I was not clear just how canoeing ended up in my life until my adoring parents came for a visit to the Museum.

While passing though the Museum I felt the urge to boast about some of our very famous items;  “Over there is Pierre Trudeau’s actual canoeing jacket, and look over here (Pointing Profusely) all our Royal Canoes like Queen Elizabeth’s, and Prince Andrew’s. Oh and here is Bill Mason’s Canoe!”

Politely my mom waited for my enthusiasm to subside and then explained to me how Bill Mason taught her how to canoe. I looked at her with scrunched eyebrows and a puzzled look as I was surprised that such an iconic man in the Canoeing World had taught my mom.

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