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father with kids in a canoe


Why not celebrate that incredible dad in your life with a visit to The Canadian Canoe Museum?! It is hard to find the right gift for that special guy so we have come up with 3 ways to celebrate him:



1. FREE admission to The Canadian Canoe Museum for DAD on Father’s Day.

2. Members’ Pricing (10% off) on ALL Adult Artisan Workshops

3. Members’ Pricing (10% off) in the Museum Shop Read the rest of this entry »

Canoe Print

A visitor to our Museum came into the Gift Store to enquire about this print.  She said she had purchased it at our Gift Store years ago and wanted another.  I couldn’t find any record of it!  It is a great print and I would love to have it available in our store.

The writing on the print is faded on the picture she gave me, but I could make out “Plan et Elevation dun Canot”.  Google has let me down on this search so I thought I would take a chance that one of our readers would recognize it.  Have you seen this print before?  Does it have an actual title?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Red Canoe was born in a bush plane overNorthern Ontario in 2002, the brainchild of founder Dax Wilkinson.  The company is the producer of clothing and accessories that bear the emblems of Canada’s most iconic institutions – from the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, CP Railway and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Read the rest of this entry »