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Some people of note that have dropped in for a visit on the weekends have been Chris Brown and Roger Smith of CTV Toronto News, CBC’s Shelagh Rogers, Toronto-based flutist, Jamie Thompson, and Tom Hull. And the very memorable couple where the gentleman proposed to his girlfriend on the stairs of the Museum and she said “YES”, which he then announced for all to see in our Museum guest book.

Toronto-based flutist, Jamie Thompson, visited the Museum a few years ago, asking if he would be allowed to situate himself in various odd corners of the Museum, including under the waterfall, to play his flute. This was whilst all of our sound effects were playing and visitors were milling. It was truly mesmerizing to hear the haunting sounds of the lonely flute permeating throughout the Museum. Visitors stopped in their tracks to soak in the ambiance whilst trying to discover the origin of the magical sounds. All of Jamie’s recordings are available at his website. This is an amazing travelogue of Jamie’s travels and his experiences playing the flute and listening to others make music.


Shelagh Rogers’ first visit to the Museum was extremely memorable for those of us who were there on that particular weekend. I happened to open early that day and there were no other visitors in the building. Read the rest of this entry »