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You may or may not know that Peterborough’s Fleming College offers two post-graduate diplomas in Museum related fields. One in Museum Management and Curatorship, and the other in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management. Every year Fleming releases a new cohort of students into museums across the country and a few (including myself!) have been lucky enough to land here at the Canoe Museum. In fact, it was through my internship with the Fleming Museum Management and Curatorship program that I eventually ended up being hired on here at the Museum.

That's me during my internship at the Museum last summer.

That’s me cleaning away during my internship at the Museum last summer.

We are very lucky to have access to this pool of highly interested and engaged volunteers. Each year we end up with a handful of awesome and dedicated Museum studies volunteers who want to explore different areas of Museum life. Read the rest of this entry »

IMG_4360I’ve been volunteering at the Canoe Museum since the start of the year, helping update contact lists and keeping the computer database current. But last week I got to volunteer in a different capacity when my class came here on assignment to help with exhibit maintenance. Studying Conservation and Collections Management at Fleming College, we learn the nuts and bolts of what happens behind the scenes at a museum; from creating optimal environmental conditions, to artefact cleaning. The majority of our time is spent in the Fleming Conservation lab. Having the Canoe Museum open its doors to us, and allow us to work in situ was an amazing way for us to put our lab skills to work. It was a great reminder of why we do the work we do, seeing patrons of the Museum enjoying the collection brought the importance of our work into sharp focus.

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There are lots of things that make Peterborough an ideal place to run a canoe museum, including lots of water, plenty of canoes and a rich history of canoe manufacturing. It also has another important resource for us in the form of Fleming College, home of the Museum Management and Curatorship and Collections Conservation and Management programs. Faculty and students from these programs have been involved with the Museum since it opened in 1997 and they have contributed substantially to the Museum’s success.

Two years ago, students worked with Curator, Jeremy Ward and Artisan Program Coordinator, Beth Stanley to create the exhibit Walter Walker: A Life in Canoes. One of the outcomes of that project was a discussion about how the Museum could get more involved in helping the next generation of museum workers learn their trade. This led to a pilot workshop in 2011 in which General Manager, John Summers taught computer lab classes at Fleming College in which students used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to each create a sample exhibit panel which was then printed and mounted in the Museum’s Dembroski Exhibit Studio. For 2012 this institutional partnership was formalized by creating a new Fleming course called ARTS1829, Exhibit Panel Design.

students in fleming lab for blog

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