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Canoeing is an enthralling action which has been passed down to us from ancestors before. Even if your nationality does not originate from Canada many cultures have used the vessel or similar forms throughout history for travel and leisure. Personally, I was not clear just how canoeing ended up in my life until my adoring parents came for a visit to the Museum.

While passing though the Museum I felt the urge to boast about some of our very famous items;  “Over there is Pierre Trudeau’s actual canoeing jacket, and look over here (Pointing Profusely) all our Royal Canoes like Queen Elizabeth’s, and Prince Andrew’s. Oh and here is Bill Mason’s Canoe!”

Politely my mom waited for my enthusiasm to subside and then explained to me how Bill Mason taught her how to canoe. I looked at her with scrunched eyebrows and a puzzled look as I was surprised that such an iconic man in the Canoeing World had taught my mom.

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Come join us at the Museum on Monday February 18th from 10:00am-5:00pm. There are 3 new art instillations inspired by canoes with related interactive areas. Take home items have arrived in store to commemorate your visit!

Family Day Items

For more information on this day click the following link:

Kirk Merch 024

Now that it is 2013, we need to make room for the new products soon to arrive at the Museum Store.

The Museum Store is moving forward by having more Canadian made products available to you our customer.  Currently we provide Artisan Products made in house, items made by local artists, and some Canadian made products.

The initial step to this goal has been finding quality, made in Canada, t-shirts to replace the existing. So now is your time to save, selected t-shirts are reduced to 25% off. But it doesn’t stop there, come in and see our other sale products that are 40% off!

Last night was the exhibit opening for the Museum’s latest addition, ‘A Walk with Kirk’. This exhibit tells the story of our founder, Kirk Wipper’s life.

To insure our visitors can take home a piece of their experience we have selected, and created items that represent this permanent addition to The Canadian Canoe Museum.

Come into the Museum Store to get the following items:

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These adorable creatures are camping out in the Museum Store temporarily until a caring owner gives them a loving home.

The sets include the cute critters and their personal belongings such as individual combs for the Hedgehog Family, and bikes with tennis rackets for the Beaver Siblings.

Available in Store so let these animals be loved and cared for by your little tike or collector today!

We are providing a welcoming atmosphere where our products are displayed in an organized and visually appealing way; there is an abundance of merchandise for you our visitors such as:

  • Artisan Crafts Created Onsite at the Museum
  • Children’s Toys, Games and Kits
  • Kayak & Canoe Craft
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Books, Maps, CD’s and DVD’s
  • Prints and Posters
  • Canadian Canoe Museum Apparel
  • Vintage Canoe Company Clothing and Publications
  • Items From Local Artists and Suppliers

Remember to come in and get your items for our upcoming events such as Beaver Club Gala, and the book signing of Joseph Boyden.

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Ever since our notable participation in the Thames Jubilee Pageant for Queen Elizabeth II, our followers have been expressing desire for the paddles and outfits worn by The Canadian Canoe Museum Voyageurs.

The attire included an authentic looking canvas shirt, colourful sash, knitted toque, and of course a hand painted paddle adorned with both the iconic museum logo and a maple leaf.Image

Get your own part of the Jubilee and let your inner voyageur free. These items are a Limited Addition so order soon! All parts of the ensemble are available for purchase on the Museum’s Online Store, in person at the Museum Store, and at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival.

That’s right a large selection of the Museum’s Merchandise, and the actual Canada One/Un Canoe will be displayed at the Annual Art Festival in Buckhorn from August 17-19. Tickets to the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival are also available for purchase at the Museum. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!


25% off Summer Sun Hats

With a UPF of 40-50plus they will certainly keep you cool on your next outdoor adventure.  The hats are made of 100% Supplex Nylon making you better protected from harsh UV rays. Come in today to The Canadian Canoe Museum before they’re all gone!

lightweight, quick drying and protective wet or dry

Everything you need for your next canoe adventure! Browse the Museum Store to find many essential items with a CCM twist. Some of our unique products are the CanadianCanoeMuseum canoe straps, paddle socks, water bottles, mosquito jackets, guide books, and even camping cook books. If you are looking to take home a piece of the new exhibit, check out the miniature 1923 Ford Model TT with a canoe available for purchase.