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Jack found this well constructed block Museum at work last weekend, and it continued my theme for the fun activities at the museum from my last post, so I had to share!


This and many other family friendly activities will be happening this coming Monday, February 17th. We will have many programs and event happening for Family Day, as well as reducing admission to $20 per family! Come join us for some fun on the holiday Monday and support the Museum’s public programs! Click here for more info on Family Day.

The change from summer student to staff member has meant taking on different responsibilities and spending a little less time in the galleries with the guests than I used to. The change is a welcome one, and I enjoy my place in the Museum. It is a perfect fit for me as a student and I love that I have been able to continue working with the staff and volunteers at such a fantastic place. While I may not be walking through the galleries and watching families play, I do get to see the results of it quite often. Keeping the cut out canoes stocked up and the fish in the pond can be difficult to stay on top of, and the magnetic canoe blocks seem to magically attach themselves at an unbelievable rate! This gem has to be one of my favourites though:

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