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With the onset of actual snow this morning in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, I think its time that we start focusing our attention on the most Canadian of winter sports. No its not hockey, and its not curling either. For those of you new to the sport I present: Canoe Sledding! A great way to put your canoe to use over the winter so that it can earn its keep.


Canoe Sledding is fun for the whole family AND the dogs!
Image copyright of Rowell Photography.

canoe sledding 2

These two are really getting some air time.

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Collection’s care is a big part of our work behind the scenes here at the Museum. For the most part its pretty un-glamorous (vacuuming and and dusting aren’t the most fun), but it is a critical part of ensuring that the our collection stays safe and stable for future generations to enjoy.

Sometimes the galleries just need a good dusting!

Sometimes the galleries just need a good dusting!

Often visitors and collectors of antique watercraft will take a look at some of the boats that we have on display and ask us “so when are you going to restore that?” Its not a crazy question in the least! but it is a common misconception about museums. Read the rest of this entry »