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There’s a great little day trip awaiting anyone who’s interested in finding a small bit of the wild in downtown Toronto.  It’s called the Humber River … who knew???  Put in at Étienne Brûlé Park, off Catharine Street just north of Bloor and paddle south to the lake.  Lots of cool stuff to see, including imagining what Brûlé, probably the first European to behold Lake Ontario, saw when he arrived at the exact same spot nearly 400 years ago. A crew from museum paddled this piece of the Humber on National Canoe Day  (it was actually an outing that was sold as a fundraiser at the Beaver Club Gala last fall) in bark canoes.  Helping to celebrate was CCM Piper-in-Residence, Helen Batten, who serenaded all and sundry with rousing renditions of the Paddling Piper’s Waltz and the Athol Highlander’s March. The National Canoe Day Humber Expedition was such a success that when a group of visitors from Siberia were in Toronto in September to celebrate Days of Sakha Yakutia Culture, their first outing in Canada was paddling the mighty Humber. Egor Makarov and his wife Marina had come to Toronto from their home in Yakutsk to launch a book and film about Siberian horses. Read the rest of this entry »