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We’ve had some exciting new things happening here at the Museum this spring.  A few of those exciting things have been new bead-work workshops taught by local instructor Andy Bullock.

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How can I write a blog this week and NOT mention the Winter Olympics?  You may be asking yourself how could the Canoe Museum possibly relate to the Sochi Olympics?

Well, here is the official Canadian Olympic Team opening ceremony outfit (you can read more here):

HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY - Canadian Olympic Uniform

Stylish Canadian Olympic Team opening ceremony outfits designed by HBC

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Green Gift Ideas

Have you started thinking about your Holiday shopping yet?  If you’re like me you have people on your list who are EASY to buy for, and if you’re like me they’re the people you buy for first.  Then (again, if you’re like me) you get the mid-December panic when you realize the only people you have left on your list are the HARDEST people to buy for.

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I couldn’t be more excited to unveil our amazing workshop line-up for 2014!

There are some exciting new additions including Snowshoe Weaving (probably the most requested workshop in our feedback forms!) and three really fun Beading Workshops taught by a talented and experienced artist (and new Canoe Museum volunteer).

Thanks for supporting the Canoe Museum and our programs!

Sew a Hudson’s Bay Blanket Coat

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Who comes to the Canoe Museum?  Well, that’s a great question!

Our amazing (Young Canada Works funded) summer students surveyed 100 Canoe Museum visitors this summer in order for us to learn more about who comes here, and what they think of our Museum.

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Do your canoe seats look like this?

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Everyone who’s been here knows that visiting the Museum is a great way to spend a day, whether you bring your kids, your parents, your friends (or come on your own so you can move at your own pace!).  Part of what I do here at the Museum is booking guided tours for groups who are looking to delve a bit deeper into the story of Canada through the lens of the canoe.  The wonderful thing about taking a guided tour of The Canadian Canoe Museum is that your tour guide will point things out in our galleries that you might never notice, or read about, without having the guide there to direct you!

bs jeremy's tour IMG_2752

Curator, Jeremy Ward, guiding a tour of Canoe Museum volunteers

If you haven’t been on a guided tour at The Canadian Canoe Museum yet – here’s some of what you might be missing…

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Join us on May 18th to celebrate International Museum Day at The Canadian Canoe Museum!

Most of you probably know that we care for the largest collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft in the world – but, did you know we also use our exhibits and collection as inspiration for engaging and interactive family fun?


Cool 3-D canoe puzzle

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This blog post was inspired by this funny little image that our General Manager, John Summers, emailed to me the other day.   I’ve often stumbled upon the same image while lurking around on the internet, usually while doing strange combination-searches for things canoe-related and things knitting-related.  Here it is:


This crafty pattern made me think.  A ‘Crocheted Barbie Canoe’ might not be very practical – but, there’s definitely something fun about it.  So what happens when you combine canoeing stuff and DIY stuff?  Well, keep reading and you’ll see some unique examples!  (by the way, you might still have time to purchase the Crochet Canoe pattern on Ebay!) Read the rest of this entry »

I have to confess that when I started working here at The Canadian Canoe Museum I didn’t know what a wanigan was.  For the small percentage of hard-core canoe trippers (and the large percentage of everyone else!) who don’t know what a wanigan is – it’s a wooden box, carried with a tumpline, and usually used to store kitchen supplies while on a canoe trip.


A wanigan and tumpline sitting in a canoe in the Museum’s ‘A Walk With Kirk’ Gallery

When I had the opportunity to make one for myself, as part of the preparation for a program we were doing here at the Museum, I jumped at the chance.  I went on a trip not long after I finished my wanigan and I have to say that I loved it.  I also have to say that it did take a bit of getting used to.  At first I hadn’t tied the tump correctly for my height and it was resting lower on my back than it should have been, which meant it was bouncing a bit which was very uncomfortable.  Once I adjusted the tumpline it was perfect, and I truly felt like a super-hero carrying much more weight that I ever could have comfortably done with a backpack. Read the rest of this entry »